Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vacation Day 9 - Just Chillin'

Day 9 was Sunday and we decided to take a day to just relax a bit. We had a couple of errands to run. Dale grabbed the wrong sizes for a couple of things, so we ran back to the outlet mall and exchanged them. Then we went back to the Mac store and Dale got a holder thing for his iphone. We also shared a Cinnabon for breakfast. Yum!

Then we came home and sat and watched tv and read. I napped for a bit. We watched a couple of interesting shows. One about Nazism in the US, one about hippies and how they affected the world, and one about weather Wal-Mart is good or bad.

The one about Nazism was creepy! There are still people who think like that and that is really scary.

The one about hippies was really interesting. Lots of people who were into the hippie movement and the drugs and everything turned out to be major players in today's world. Like Steve Jobs from Apple. So yeah, it was interesting!

And they didn't decide whether Wal-Mart was good or bad, but the show was interesting.

Anyway, today I think we're going to Mt. Hood and the Grotto. And my cousin Erik and Corwin just showed up so I'm going to go visit!

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