Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vacation Day 7 - Beach Day!

...and some more shopping I'm afraid :)

So today was beach day. Or rather, coast day. We started out at about 8:30 this morning and drove to Tillamook. It's a small town near the coast. For those who may not know, Tillamook isn't known for it's touristy stuff or it's's known for it's cheese factory/ice cream factory. Tillamook cheese is by far the BEST cheese I've ever had. And the Tillamook ice cream BY FAR the best ice cream I've ever had. And people, I've had a LOT of ice cream. This stuff is so creamy and smooth that you will just die! And the cheese is really really smooth too. I don't know what they do differently down here, but it is amazing.

The cheese factory was cool. Especially the part where you can get free cheese samples and also CHEAP cheese and CHEAP ice cream. You can get 2 GIGANTIC scoops of this amazing ice cream for $3

After the factory (and breakfast...yeah the ice cream and the cheese samples were breakfast...) we went on to Oswald Park/Beach. We parked just off the highway then hiked down for about 10 minutes and emerged onto a really beautiful and somewhat secluded beach on the ocean. We took lots of pictures and watched the waves and the surfers for a while then headed back to the car. I won't say too much about it because it was too beautiful for words. Hopefully the pictures will do it a little bit of justice.

After that beach, we headed up to Cannon Beach. It's a super cute town right on the coast. It was pretty misty while we were there, so unfortunately we didn't see the actual beach, but we wandered the town and did a little bit of shopping. We got a couple of gifts and also some YUMMY salt water taffy. YUM! Oh yeah and we ate lunch at Mo's which is a pretty great seafood restaurant right on the beach. I got the fish and chips and it was pretty good. I'm not a huge seafood fan, but it was good :)

Then we went on to Seaside which is also a fun little town right on the coast. The first place we went was to the salt water taffy outlet store. 170 flavors! yummy! We got LOTS more taffy since we didn't get that much at Cannon Beach and we want to take some home. Then we wandered down to the beach and hung out there for a bit. It was still cloudy and cool so we didn't stay too long. Then we wandered the streets until everything closed. Then we headed back to Portland.

I slept for part of the way back, but woke up in time to discuss cars with Dale and Gary. It's been really great hanging out with Gary. Sometimes he reminds me a LOT of my dad. Not enough to be weird or make me emotional or anything, but enough to feel like I'm home around him. He actually looks a lot like my dad and has the same Oregon accent that my dad never lost even after living in Canada for 25 years.

Gas: When I fill up my car from almost empty in Saskatoon, it costs around $90 because my tank is 70 liters. I filled up from almost empty HERE yesterday and it was $62. WHAT THE HECK????? Yet another reason to move here?......

Anyway, I've been typing for a long time, so I will wind down now.

Tomorrow we are driving to Texas, Oregon for a family reunion. I'm hoping it will be a good time. It's my Grandmother's side of the that means all of her brothers and sisters and some of their kids. So we should meet lots of people!

Now I'm off to bed because we have another early morning tomorrow.

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