Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vacation Day 6 - Zoo, Gardens and More Shopping

I'm just about to run off to the beach, but I'll just post a bit about yesterday.

Dale and I got up bright and early to go to the zoo with my cousin Erik and his wife Kelly and their son Corwin. Corwin is adorable!!! The zoo was so much fun. Lots of people around here complain that they have a yucky zoo, but their zoo is beautiful! It's on top of one of the hills in the city and it's full of trees and flowers and COOL animals like hippos and sea lions and bears and we saw some bald eagles up close and personal. I love zoos and this one was great. The Calgary zoo is cool, but this zoo is much more beautiful and kind of "secluded" in the middle of the city. I was very impressed.

Then Dale and I drove to another spot on the hill and saw the rose test garden. Also unbelievably beautiful! It's coming to the end of the first rose season of the year so the roses were quite open and lots weren't flowering anymore, however, it was still stunning. And of course you could see the mountains in the distance through the one strategically placed clearing in the trees.

Then we went across the street to the traditional Japanese garden. You have to pay to get in there, but it's definitely worth it! It's SO beautiful. Other than the occasional plane flying overhead, you completely forget that you're in the middle of the largest city in Oregon. It's so serene. A couple of times Dale and I just sat and absorbed the serenity.

After filling our serenity quota for the day, we went out for lunch to an amazing place called Gubanc's with Uncle Gary (BEST beef dip sandwich that I've ever had!). Then we did a little bit of window shopping, bought some shoes, and helped Gary buy a new 42" LCD tv. That's always a good time! Then we came back home and Dale helped Gary and Joseph set up the tv. I crashed soon after that since we were up at 7 am to go to the zoo.

A note about the shoes. Dale found 2 pairs of great shoes all on his own. I was so proud. The only reason we went to DSW was to find him a pair of casual black sneakers and some new dress shoes. He found both on his own and they are both very cool Sketchers. That's all well and good, but while he and Gary were looking at the men's shoes, I browsed the clearance section. I saw a couple of pairs of cute shoes, but nothing spectacular....

....until I saw some amazing patent leather dark red pointy toed 4" high heeled shoes. They are Nine West shoes (which are a GREAT brand) and they fit like a glove. I couldn't NOT buy them! They were $99 shoes, but had been marked down go $60 and then on clearance for $30. So they are now sitting in my suitcase just waiting for an occasion to wear them. Sven...Massiel...Nathan....we must go somewhere in BC where I can wear these things!!! Not too much walking though....Not sure how long I can walk in them.

Anyway, enough about the shoes. We're getting ready for the beach, so I'm going to go!

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