Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vacation Day 5 - Shopping, shopping and more shopping

People, the shopping in Portland is amazing. We've been to a huge outlet mall twice, a huge normal mall and a couple of random stores. We've shopped so much I can't even remember everything that we've gotten.

We went to the LEGO STORE! I've never seen a whole Lego store before! It had EVERYTHING you could ever want including an entire wall of containers of plain bricks. So you can grab a pre-sized bucket and pick out all of the bricks you want of whatever color you want. If I was still a kid I would have spent ALL DAY in there! There were also tables where you could play with the Lego that was out. It was really cool.

We also stopped at the Mac store so Dale could look at some iphone cases since he's getting an iphone.

The rest of the mall was okay, but nothing compared to the outlet mall. If you're ever in Portland, go to the Woodburn outlet mall. It's amazing. I got TONS of clothes there! Dale even got TONS of clothes there! We got some kitchen gadgets too. I got a whole tub of cookie cutters for $12. The same one is $25 at Michaels at home. I also got a better cookie scoop. My plastic Wilton one just didn't cut it so I got a metal one.

Then we went to Target and I actually found a lot of great basic t shirts and tanks for $6 each, so I went to town. We got some cool toys to bring home too like Artoo Potatoo (R2D2 potato head!!!) and some cool old-timey kids toys for some friends.

After supper we went to a bookstore and I got the Martha Stewart Wedding Cakes book I have been eying for months. It is $90 in Canada, but only $60 here so I got it. I'm glad I did! It's a great book!

So yeah, we got a lot of stuff today! And we still have a little bit to go. We have to get a few gifts for our families back home and a couple of things that friends have requested.

That's all for today. Tomorrow we are hitting the zoo with my cousin Erik and his wife Kelly and their 2 year old Corwin. That will be good times. I haven't ever spent any time with Erik, so it will be good to do that! And I've never met his wife or son. Hopefully the weather will be as beautiful as it was today!

Nothing planned for sure for Friday. Possibly a drive to the coast with Gary. Then Saturday is a family reunion. It will be good to see my grandparents and a couple of cousins and uncles and stuff.

Anyhoo, that's all I can think of to write right now. I'm going to shower than hit the hay!

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