Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vacation Day 2

I'm taking a vacation from interesting blog titles

I also took a vacation from the blog yesterday, so here's what we did yesterday and a few of the things I forgot to write about in my exhaustion on Day 1.

Remnants from Day :
While in Missoula, we ate at Applebees. I've never had Applebees and I was quite impressed with everything. Dale got a really good teriyaki wrap thing and I got a "small" portion of riblets. My "small" portion was GIGANTIC and only $6. In total, with a $5 tip, our whole meal cost us $25 and we were STUFFED! I love America sometimes. We also went to the Wal-Mart across the street. It was just like any Wal-Mart at home (as in, it wasn't a supercenter), BUT EVERYTHING WAS CHEAPER!!! I got 2 movies (A Knights Tale and 13 Going On 30) for $10 and a couple of books for $5.97 each...normally $7.99 in the states....and $10.99 in Canada...WHAT THE HECK!!!!! We're definitely taking advantage of the dollar being pretty much at par and their amazing prices for stuff down here.

A short break to discuss my new favorite chocolate bar:
I kept seeing commercials for the new 3 Musketeers mint chocolate bar on tv, but haven't ever seen one. I finally find they are EVERYWHERE in the states, so I have been stuffing my face. These things are AMAZING! They are a fairly mild minty mousse covered in a fairly mild dark chocolate. Not too sweet but hugely delicious! I'm going to bring a TON back to Canada...

Vacation Day 2:
Yesterday we got up, got our stuff together, and had the continental breakfast at our hotel before heading out on the road. I've had lots of yucky continental breakfasts so I wasn't expecting much. This one was amazing! 4 GOOD kinds of cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, toast that you made yourself, waffles that you made yourself in a waffle maker, REAL juices, coffees and teas. It was great. Then we headed out. I got my first taste of interstate driving and it was fantastic. We trekked through the rocky mountains some more, and kept on climbing in elevation, then all of a sudden, we turned a curve into Idaho, and started our decent. It was steep enough that I didn't have to press on the gas for miles, and it was really twisty and turny. It was FUN!!! I highly recommend it. It would suck going UP that way, bu going down was really really fun.

Then we got into Washington. The fun drive came to a halt. I did not realize that eastern Washington was an absolute wasteland. After Spokeane there was NOTHING. No trees, no green, Nothing. It was even more boring scenery than Saskatchewan. However, soon we saw mountains in the distance again...the Cascade mountains. We crossed the Columbia River into Oregon, then followed it to Portland. We are going back to the Columbia River Gorge tomorrow, so I'll save that for tomorrow.

So yeah, we got here around 6:00. Uncle Gary and his friend Joseph took us to a really cool restaurant for supper. It's a communal seating restaurant with FANTASTIC mac and cheese. It was yummy. Then we went to a coffee house for dessert. The coffee house is actually a house that was converted and is now voted the best coffee house in the city. It's designed with a crazy Russion composer (I can't remember which one) in mind and it's a mad house. There's a lot of crazy stuff around and there are 4 wacky tables in the place. They all LOOK normal, but when you sit there, the staff turn on the table and it does something weird. The one we sat at VERY slowly moved up and down. So it was at a normal height when we sat down, then it slowly rose up almost to chin height then back down even lower than it originally was. Another table shakes, another one vibrates, and another one slowly rotates. It was a really interesting place to go.

Then we came back to uncle Gary's place and I CRASHED

On to day 3...

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