Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vacation Day 13, 14 and 15 - Shopping Again, Friends, and going home!

On Thursday we took it fairly easy. We started out later in the day and went to I-HOP for breakfast because Dale really wanted to go. Then we went to Ikea to look around. Of course looking around at Ikea always results in a bunch of money spent. We got lots of good stuff.

Then we went to the Metrotown (?) mall. It was crowded and scary :) We didn't spend too much time there. Large crowds of scantily clad teenagers aren't really my scene.

So yeah, we went back to Abbotsford and hung out for a bit then we went to a restaurant in Langley with Massiel and Marina called Coza. It was really yummy! And we had a great time talking and stuff. And I got a chance to wear my new red shoes.

Then we went to Massiel and Marina's house and hung out and talked for a long time. And probably distracted Massiel from finishing her sermon for Saturday :)

So we went back to the condo for the night.

Then on Friday we slept in a lot then headed out to White Rock, BC with Sven. We got some delicious gelato then walked the pier. It was a beautiful day and a great time was had by all. We took lots of fun pictures.

Then we drove back to Abbotsford. We stopped in Aldergrove on the way and picked up 3 pounds of cherries, a couple pounds of peaches and some snow peas. Later that evening we grabbed a cooler to put the fruit in, then went to a vespers at the Abbotsford church with Sven and his parents. It was nice. Then we went back to Massiel's place to hang out for a while. She still wasn't done her sermon...I wonder how it went :)

We had a fantastic time in BC! I don't have a lot to say because a lot of it was visiting with two of my best friends. And it's getting late so I'm going to bed soon :)

On Saturday we headed back home at 7:30am after stopping for some coffee for Dale and a tea for me at Tim Hortons which was conveniently attached to the gas station we stopped at. It was raining when we left, but by the time we hit the Coquihala highway it was fine. Not sunny, but not raining.

Anyway, we went home through Jasper and Edmonton. It was a pretty nice drive except those mountain roads make it so hard to pass people! We just wanted to get home and those slowpokes were slowing us down! It was even worse when we got to Jasper park. They only let you drive 70 kph in the park so you don't hit wildlife. BAH! It was beautiful in the park, but really frustrating going so slow when we were just trying to get home!

We saw lots of nice things on the drive though. The Rockies of course are always beautiful. If it wasn't so cloudy outside I would have stopped to take pictures. We could have stopped at Mt. Robson (the highest Rocky Mountain), but the top half was covered by clouds so wouldn't make for a good picture. Jasper park was beautiful and we saw a lot of gorgeous mountain lakes and rivers. We also saw a lot of wildlife. We saw a bear cross the road right in front of us, some mountain goats in Jasper, some deer in the ditches, a fox also crossed the road right in front of us, and we also saw some bison outside of Edmonton in Elk Island park.

Once we passed through Edmonton we saw some DARK clouds looming in the distance full of lightning. There were also some pretty light clouds reflecting the sunset in them near them. As we got near Lloydminster the light and the dark clouds collided and there was lightning all around us. But we managed to outrun the massive storm behind us with only a few drops of rain.

We ended up getting home at about 1:00am. 17 hours straight of driving. I LOVE my car for long trips! I was sick of being in the car, but it was really nice not having to stop for gas all the time. My 70 liter tank is fantastic. We got from Edmonton to Saskatoon on half a tank of gas. It was lovely.

Anyway, I'm pooped! We spent most of today doing laundry and sorting through all the stuff we bought. We also had Dale's family over to look at pictures. Now I'm going to bed since I'm back to the grind bright and early tomorrow morning.

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