Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vacation Day 12 - Back to the Motherland

On Wednesday, we got up fairly early and got ready for the day. We packed up our stuff then went to the kitchen where everyone else had congregated.

Grandpa and I made some breakfast together. He made some yummy waffles and I was on egg duty. I make some good eggs...on my own stove...and with my own pans and spices and stuff. My grandparents have these awesome cast iron pans which I've never used before, and they didn't have the spices and stuff that I usually use. And they and my uncle all had very specific requests for how they wanted their eggs. So I tried my best and I think I did alright. Over easy eggs are hard to do in a cast iron pan! Maybe the heat was too hot or something. But when I flipped the eggs, I waited a second or two then took them off the pan to serve. The yolks were way more cooked than I thought they would have been! Oh well. Everyone ate them and didn't complain hehehe.

So we had breakfast all together then said goodbye to Uncle Gary. He headed home. Then Dale and Grandpa and I took a short walk to see some trains from the new pedestrian overpass over the train tracks. It was nice to walk with him and see something that he was so excited to show us. It was really cool to be able to stand over the train as it went by! After our walk we decided it was time to head off to BC.

We said our goodbyes, Grandma gave us some munchies, Grandpa took some pictures of me and my car (he's a huge car nut like my dad was) and we were off for Canada! It was about a 4 hour drive to the border. We gassed up before crossing back to expensive-gas-land and headed to the crossing. We had all our receipts added up and ready and everything and they pretty much just waved us through. Sometimes it pays to go through the little crossings! We just went up to the Langley crossing. Joseph had just come back from Vancouver a couple days before we left and he had horror stories about the waits at the border. But that was for the BIG crossing right by Vancouver. The Langley crossing was awesome! Probably a 2 minute wait I think. MUCH better than the 3 hour wait he told us about!

Anyway, we got back to Canada without incident and headed to Sven's house. Thanks to GPS we found it no problem. We hung out with Sven and Massiel that evening and took a nice twilight walk through a park and got some Tim Hortons and some Wendy's fries. It was SO good to see them! And good to see Sven's parents too! Their condo is beautiful! It has a great view of Mt. Baker. We stayed in the guest suite of their condo building. It was nice. Kind of like a hotel room.

Later that night, Dale and Sven and I hung out in the pool until about 1:00am. It was so nice to just float with the pool noodles and chat. Just like old times! Except for the pool...I don't recall ever going to a pool with Sven....

All in all it was another fantastic day made even better by the fact that we were back in Canada. I LOVE going to the states, but it's always really nice to be back in Canada.

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