Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vacation Day 10 - Mt. Hood

I'm not sure I will be able to post for the next couple of days. I hope so! But this morning we are off to my grandma and grandpa's in Napavine, Washington. So today's post will probably be short!

Yesterday we started out the day playing with Corwin. He's adorable. He is two and "talks" a LOT. But it's all just gibberish. It's very cute! After hanging out with him for a bit, we took him home. I got to see Erik and Kelly's house. It's really nice. Lots of hardwood everywhere and a gorgeous backyard due to the mason worker that lived there before them. Lots of stone.

After dropping Corwin off, we started our drive up to Mt. Hood. I'm always a little bit astonished at how beautiful it is here. And it warms the cockles of my heart to get back into the mountains. It was only about a 45 minute drive up to Government Camp (very creative name for a town....) where we stopped to have a second breakfast that consisted of one VERY large doughnut each. These were the biggest things I've EVER seen! Dale and Gary both had a maple log and I just had a "small" glazed doughnut. The logs were nearly the size of a bread loaf. I kid you not! And my "small" doughnut would have overflowed a tea saucer. Not the best doughnuts I've ever had, but not too shabby!

After fueling up with doughnuts we headed up the mountain to Timberline Lodge. It's a beautiful hand-crafted lodge that was build on the timberline of the mountain back in the depression to give people work. The logs of the lodge itself are all hand-hewn, the furniture all handmade, the fabrics all hand-woven. And if you're picturing a tiny cabin in the mountains, it's NOT!!! It's huge! There's a 3 storey center of the lodge and I believe 2 wings off of the sides that are all hotel rooms. It's beautiful. I'll post pictures. I didn't take many of the inside of the lodge because it was kind of dark in there. Very cozy. Like a ski lodge should be.

Then we wandered up the mountain a bit. It was a HOT HOT HOT day. At the bottom of the mountain it was about 90 degrees. I would guess that where we got to was about 80 degrees, but the sun was HOT! I got a little bit of a burn, but it's just making my tan darker. Anyway, we wandered up a path and got to see some snowboarders going down the mountain. There is still some snow up by the lodge and there is a path of snow running down the mountain and the snowboarders could just slide down the big snow path and almost be IN the lodge. It was cool and looked really fun. Not that I'll ever be able to snowboard, but if I ever was to do it, yesterday was a perfect day for it. Warm weather + snow. Sounds good to me!

We went to several other places around the mountain, but it would be very hard to describe them, so I'll just wait for the posted pictures. I love that Portland is SO close to so many mountains and you can just go up there whenever you want. I'm so jealous. I would love to live here. Maybe someday...

After Mt. Hood, we wandered back into the city. Dale and I went out and got some gas and a little present for Gary for showing us around and letting us stay here. Then we went out for supper. This place had fondue. FONDUE!!! It was swiss cheese fondue with lots of different types of bread pieces. It was amazing. We all shared one order, then because Gary and I both LOVED the cheese fondue we got another order. I could have eaten one whole order by myself and I think I almost did! The rest of the meal was good, but incidental because I was full of fondue. FONDUE!!! And a fairly large fondue for $3.99. YUM! FONDUE!

Did I mention that I love fondue?

Anyway, I should sign off for now. We are trying to get out of here at 7:30...but Gary's still in the shower. So Dale and I have to pack up the car and make sure we're not forgetting anything. Then it's off to Washington!

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